At the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville, we are changing the message of dental care. A visit to a traditional dentist’s office can prompt fear and anxiety because patients often experience rushed, heavy-handed treatment. Because we provide advanced dental technology coupled with Dr. Forbes’ highly skilled techniques, we are able to permanently alter these negative perceptions of dentistry.

If you are in Nashville and need a skilled, experienced dentist who relies on advanced dental technology to improve the comfort, accuracy, and precision of patient care, please contact the Center for Advanced Dentistry online or call our office directly at (615) 383-6787 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Forbes.

Exceptional Dental Technology Leads to Exceptional Care

As a holistic dentist, patient comfort along with procedural accuracy and precision drive Dr. Forbes’ selection of high-tech, state-of-the-art tools. These technological advances enable Dr. Forbes to preview new smiles before patient procedures and speed up the healing process.

Smile Imaging – Advanced software enables patients to envision their end results. We begin by taking a digital picture of their current smile. After selecting an image of the patient’s dream smile, we superimpose the dream smile onto their existing photograph to illustrate the dramatic improvement one can expect from our dental treatment.

Intraoral Camera – This technology goes beyond the imaging available from traditional X-rays. It is a tiny, highly specialized camera no larger than a pen. Dr. Forbes uses this tool to survey each patient’s mouth, displaying a magnified image of what he sees on a television monitor. This magnified image allows Dr. Forbes to identify small fractures in the teeth that would otherwise be undetectable. Over time and without treatment, these fissures will become larger tooth cracks. Additionally, by the time a cavity shows up on a traditional radiograph, it has already spread through the enamel of a tooth, making treatment options more costly and time-consuming. Taking diagnosis to the next level, our doctor uses the magnified image from the intraoral camera for early detection of cavities, saving you time and money.

NuCalm – NuCalm is a drug-free approach to relaxing at the dentist. It’s ideal for patients who have dental anxiety, but it’s beneficial for all patients. In addition to eliminating dental anxiety, NuCalm helps people feel energized and rested after their dental appointment. Many patients report increased creativity and better sleep at night. NuCalm utilizes neuroscience to bypass the body’s stress response. Using natural sleep hormones, gentle electrical brain stimulation, a dark eye mask, and neuroacoustic software, NuCalm is the only technology patented to control your autonomic nervous system. Not only are you not stressed during your dental appointment–you enter a deeply restful state.

Dental Laser – We use dental lasers to provide patients with no-drill, no-scalpel procedures. Our lasers also enable Dr. Forbes to reshape gums and perform several other virtually-painless treatments. This promotes faster healing.

Air Abrasion – This is another way that we can provide patients with a peaceful dental-care experience. The process involves using a whisper-quiet air compressor with a wand that sprays safe micro-particles in an exact pattern to eliminate decay and etch the surface of the tooth for bonding. This “forced air etching” means that patients who might have previously needed anesthesia for their reconstructive or cosmetic dentistry treatments no longer need it.

Digital X-Ray – Digital diagnostic technology is making care more accurate and safe. Our dentist’s ability to see a problem up close by increasing the resolution and size of an X-ray image provides him with greater diagnostic clarity. That means we can make better decisions about your care. Compared to traditional X-ray machines, our digital X-rays reduce radiation by 80 to 90 percent. Digital X-rays also eliminate the use of chemicals used to process film, making it more eco-friendly.

Magnified Vision – Dr. Forbes uses a vision device called a Dental Loop to magnify by five times what he can see inside your mouth. The benefits to the dentist of magnified vision are tremendous.

Sterilization – We take every precaution to make sure your visit with us is worry-free. We follow sterilization protocols set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, assuring that you receive safe treatment and leaving you with peace of mind that extends beyond your time in our office.

T-Scan– T-Scan is a technology that allows us to measure the bite forces in your mouth. It doesn’t just measure the total bite force, it measures the bite force at many points in your mouth, with multiple points for each tooth. It also measures the force in real-time so we can see transient loading–when a tooth experiences a brief but excessive force during biting. This helps us ensure that your teeth and restorations work together in a healthy bite.

BioPak– BioPak is a suite of technologies that helps us get detailed information about your bite. It includes a 3D jaw tracking system, joint vibration analysis (JVA), and electromyography. The 3D joint tracking allows us to measure the movement of your jaw and detect any irregularities in movement that might be a clue to abnormal joint structure or function. JVA allows us to “hear” what’s happening in your joint, whether there is the smooth motion that indicates the proper placement of the cushioning disc, the sounds of disc displacement, or the sound of bones grinding against each other. Electromyography allows us to measure the muscle activity in your jaw to tell us whether there is tension or if the jaw is properly rested.

When you need a Nashville dentist who relies on advanced dental technology to improve the comfort, accuracy, and precision of his patient care, please contact the Center for Advanced Dentistry at (615) 383-6787 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Forbes.