At the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville, Dr. Forbes believes that no one should have to suffer from the physical and emotional pain and discomfort caused by untreated cosmetic or restorative dentistry problems.

We know that dental care can be expensive. That’s why we offer several financing options to help make the cosmetic or reconstructive treatments that you need from our Nashville dentistry as affordable and manageable as possible.

If you live in or near Nashville or plan to visit our “Music City” anytime soon and feel ready to return your teeth and gums to their original state of health, strength, and beauty, please contact the Center for Advanced Dentistry today to book your consultation with Dr. Forbes, who considers it his mission to treat patients as he’d like to be treated: (615) 383-6787.

Dental Insurance

Many people look at dental insurance as a way to save costs on their dental care. Sometimes this is true, and we work with many insurance companies to cover some or all of your dental care costs as appropriate. We can work with your insurance company, and we will help you file all necessary paperwork to take full advantage of your insurance benefits.

But our primary loyalty is to you, our patient, and we will always strive to do what is best for you. Some dental insurance plans try to limit costs by limiting your access to certain procedures or not paying for certain diagnostic tests. We will not provide substandard care just because that is what the insurance company is willing to pay for. We will help you understand your dental coverage, including what is your likely obligation for any given treatment. However, this remains only an estimate, and, until we receive confirmation we cannot guarantee what your coverage will be.

Flexible Arrangements for Your Cosmetic Dentistry Needs

You want and need a dentist of Dr. Forbes’ high caliber to handle your smile at the Center for Advanced Dentistry, our preeminent boutique dentistry in Nashville.

Dr. Forbes will work to create a custom treatment plan just for you.

Here are options to accommodate the expense of your treatments:

  • Third-Party Financing — We work with Care Credit and Lending Club. Click on the links below to apply.
  • Scheduled Treatments — We can plan your cosmetic or restorative dental treatments in stages to help you manage the financial commitment over time.

When you need cosmetic or restorative dentistry in Nashville from a comfortable, well-appointed practice helmed by a dentist who believes in biomimetics, takes a holistic approach to his work, and is an interdisciplinary smile-care authority, please contact the Center for Advanced Dentistry at (615) 383-6787.