Our practice is unique because we specialize in preventative and holistic dentistry to keep our patient’s mouths healthy. We truly believe that the condition of your mouth is connected to your overall health.

Holistic medicine and dentistry involves the whole body. We want to treat every part of you, including your body, mind, spirit, and smile.

When we discuss preventative dentistry, we are talking about regular visits, along with professional cleanings. Routine cleanings will remove any tartar and build-up, decreasing your risk for gum disease. Routine radiographs allow us to see the roots and structure of the tooth in detail.

Since mercury can be a toxin, we are proud to provide mercury-free fillings and crowns. We want to treat our patients without introducing any harmful substances into your body.

We also offer non-medicine treatments to help patients who suffer from tension and migraine headaches due to clenching teeth and stressed muscles.

If you have any questions about holistic and preventative dentistry, please contact us today at (615) 383-6787.