If you are unhappy with the discoloration of your teeth, teeth whitening can usually help. Teeth whitening eliminates many of the common stains our teeth acquire from food and drink. When you come to Dr. Forbes in Nashville for a teeth whitening procedure, you have the confidence of knowing that he is no ordinary aesthetic/cosmetic dentist. All cosmetic dentistry we perform is not done simply to improve the appearance of your smile but as part of our goal to achieve your physical and emotional wellness.


If you are in Nashville and need teeth whitening treatment from an experienced, compassionate cosmetic dentist, please contact Dr. Forbes online for an appointment or call the Center for Advanced Dentistry directly at (615) 383-6787.

How Important is a Bright Smile?

If your smile has lost its luster, the time is now to consider a teeth whitening procedure with Dr. Forbes at Nashville’s Center for Advanced Dentistry. Some of the benefits of teeth whitening treatment include:

  • It is quick and non-invasive.
  • It counters staining from foods, medications, tobacco, and more.
  • Results are long-lasting or can be renewed.

However, whitening does have its limits. Your teeth can only become as white as your natural enamel allows. Teeth that are discolored because of defects in the enamel and dentin will not respond to whitening. Before we perform teeth whitening, we will evaluate your teeth to see if they will whiten. If not, we will recommend porcelain veneers, which can whiten any teeth, no matter the cause of their discoloration.

Teeth Whitening Options

Patients who seek out the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville for teeth whitening have three distinct choices.

Zoom! – This quick, convenient, reliable treatment will significantly brighten teeth in an hour or less. The procedure pairs a gentle bleaching gel with heatless light to infiltrate tooth enamel and dentin and then erase dulling stains. A single treatment is likely to make your teeth many shades whiter than they were previously. One more plus: The vast majority of patients who undergo Zoom! Teeth Whitening experience little to no tooth sensitivity during or following the procedure.

Take-Home Kits – Our customized teeth whitening take-home kits provide patients with the option of doing their own treatment, or maintaining a whitening treatment they previously completed at our clinic. These kits are safe, effective and easy-to-use. The treatment requires roughly two weeks.

KoR Deep Bleaching – This safe, revolutionary, permanent teeth whitening option relies on oxygen-enhanced gel that dissolves stains and at the same time enhances the power of your teeth to fight off fresh stains by restoring the ability of your teeth to absorb oxygen. Makers report that this product has the power to make teeth up to 16 shades whiter than they were before the treatment. KöR Whitening uses an at-home tray system that achieves results gradually over time, but also allows you to renew results as necessary.

Call Today for a Brighter, Whiter Smile

At the Center for Advanced Dentistry in Nashville, the goal of Dr. Forbes is to provide his patients with “Bright Smiles for Life!” Contact our offices online or call us directly at (615) 383-6787 when you are ready to pursue teeth whitening options with a caring, compassionate, and comprehensive Nashville cosmetic dentist.